Friday, December 21, 2012

Brighter Future for America: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is an initiative by states in the Northeastern part of the USA and some provinces in Canada (Quebec, Ontario, Pennsylvania and New Brunswick). The RGGI is a pact between these areas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If it wasn't for the RGGI, all the coastal areas of the USA would look like the above image but the RGGI has helped reduce the power plants and factories' greenhouse emissions. This is the first program in the United States to limit global warming emissions and sell permits to emit carbon emissions.

Basically this initiative pays power plant companies who keep their greenhouse gas emissions below a certain level. The companies would then be able to invest the money they receive in efficient energy use and clean energy initiatives. Some states have even been able to use the money to average they overall budget.

Between 2009 and 2011, the RGGI has had several benefits to the general public:

  • It made approximately $1.3 billion in lifetime energy bill savings for utility customers.
  • It returned $69 million in bill credits to an estimated 84,000 low income families.
  • It also helped about 2,400 workers secure training in clean energy job skills
The RGGI is currently being practiced by states on the Eastern coast of the United States and it has proved that other states can also use the same model to reduce their own greenhouse emissions. Hopefully, if every state practices this initiative, it could build a more environmental friendly America.

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  1. This is a brilliant initiative that is timely given the indisputable reality of global climate change. The US is a global leader in many sectors and should likewise be the lead for technologies that save energy. It will be interesting to know if similar technologies can be adaptively tailor made for developing economies.